These Terms and Conditions detail how the STARS COACHING AGENCY interacts with its Clients

It is important that they are read and understood before using the system.

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Please contact the office either by phone
(01903 800024) or email

If you contact the Agency it will be assumed that you accept these Terms and Conditions

Stars Coaching Agency (the Agency) will endeavour to provide Gymnastics Coaches, as and when required by Organisations (the Client) that request them.

The Agency will ensure that all Coaches supplied will:

1. Be qualified to at least the level required by the Client

2. Have a current CRB check

3. Ensure that British Gymnastics Guidelines in Health and Safety, Code of Conduct and Ethics are followed.

4. Be fully insured with British Gymnastics for public liability, but the Agency coach will not be held responsible for any accident unless their negligence is proven.

5. Invoice the client, mid-month, for the number of hours that the Coach is contracted to work in the month, any adjustments being made the following month. The hourly rate of charge will depend on the level of the Coach supplied and will be for full hours worked (any part hours being rounded up) but there will be no charge for set-up or derig. This rate will include payroll / employer’s national insurance contributions, and all staff deductions, which are dealt with via the agency. The rates for any Assistant Coaches required as back up, or for special events, is negotiable depending on their level of qualification. There is no VAT charge.

The Client will ensure that

1. Personal accident cover for the participants is provided,

2. The Job sheet is signed to acknowledge completion of a coaching assignment.

2. All financial discussions come through the Agency as the employer of the Coach,

3. Payment to the Agency is made by the end of each month in which jobs have been completed,

4. Coaches supplied by the Agency are not approached directly for any further work or permanent placement, without prior consent from the Agency.